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Before you dive into the world of Rainbow Riches, check out our top tips for you to gain the maximum potential from this game. We also tell you where to get the best promo and we share everything you need to know about Rainbow Riches cheats.

Rainbow Riches Game Overview

Rainbow Riches is a series of wildly popular online slot games. They all boast a charming Irish theme complete with leprechauns and a pot of gold. The first version of Rainbow Riches slot was released as a land-based slot. It soon proved so successful as a fruit machine that it was turned into an online slot in 2013 by Scientific Games.


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This highly entertaining game features special bonus games, and decent jackpots. The original Rainbow Riches slot features five reels and has a total of 20 paylines, offering a massive 500x jackpot to punters lucky enough to win one of the bonus games. It also features a bright theme that will keep you uplifted through the gameplay.


Rainbow Riches Bonus Features

There are a total of three thrilling bonus features in this game to keep you entertained.

To start off there is the Road to Riches bonus. To activate this feature, you will need to land at least three of the scatter symbols on the reels. Following you will be presented with a path showing you increasingly valuable multipliers along the way and a wheel of fortune. Pressing spin will give the wheel a spin. It can land on a number between one and six or on ‘collect’. If it lands on a number you will move that many spaces down the path and given a second spin. Landing on ‘collect’ will end the bonus round. The final multiplier you land on is simply added to your total stake.

Rainbow Riches 3 path

Besides the Road to Riches, the slot also features the Wishing Well Bonus. For the game to activate this bonus feature, a minimum of three wishing well icons must land on the reels. You will then need to pick one of the wells and a multiplier will be revealed. This multiplier will then be added to your total stake.

The third bonus feature is the Pots of Gold. Once you land three pots of gold icons on the central three reels the feature will automatically start. You will be presented with a leprechaun standing on top of a rock in a large pasture. Circling around his head you will see twelve pots of varying in values. When the pots stop an arrow appears above the lowest pot. This pot will be the prize awarded to you. Like the other prizes this too is a multiplier and is applied to your total stake.


Rainbow Riches Bonus Codes and Cheats

While there are the three bonus features in this slot, did you know there are also some Rainbow Riches cheats? In the next paragraphs we will explain all the Rainbow Riches cheats and tips to you. We will also show you where you can find a Rainbow Riches Promo Code that will boost your bankroll.

Once you master them all, simply visit one of our featured Rainbow Riches casinos for the best gaming experience and highest Rainbow Riches Bonus code rewards.


Getting Started

The Rainbow Riches slots all come with different features and mechanics, depending on the version and casino. So, it is important you play the slot which gives you the best possible chance at winning. There are dozens of different Rainbow Riches slots online so it can be confusing which one is the best to play. That’s why we have compiled a few of the best tips and best-to-know Rainbow Riches cheats:


Tip 1. Check The Slots RTP Before You Play

This tip is not just a useful Rainbow Riches hack! Many slots are offered in different versions or rather with different RTPs. Sometimes the RTP or Return To Player value of a game can be chosen by an online casino. So while the slot may look exactly the same in two casinos, it may have different RTPs altogether. Therefore, it is best practice to check the games information and find the casino and game version that offers you the best chances of winning.

While all Rainbow Riches slots have a high RTP rating, there are some which give you the opportunity to play at an RTP level of 97.75%.

Yet Rainbow Riches Drops of Gold allows you to use the Big Bet feature. This feature will give you access to an RTP of 97.75%. Rainbow Riches Home Sweet Home on the other hand will also allow you to play with an RTP of 97.75%, providing you play with this special feature.


What is the Big Bet Feature?

This feature allows you to skip the regular game and go right for the bonus round. However, the UKGC restricted players from the UK to access Big Bet feature of slots. Therefore, all online casinos offering their slots to UK players have been forced to remove this feature. So, if you are playing from the UK, you will unfortunately not be able to find it anywhere.


Tip 2. Play at a designated Rainbow Riches Casino

The best place to play a slot from the Rainbow Riches series is at a casino that offers all or at least most of the Rainbow Riches Slot series. Like this you can enjoy many adaptations of this immensely entertaining game. This means you don’t have to look for or log on to another online gaming provider to play another version of the game. One of the best recommendations to play up to 14 versions of this game is Skol Casino. It is also one of our best-rated Casinos overall. This casino has not just a fun interface it offers a colourful spectrum of different games, too. You will be able to access a great welcome offer including a Rainbow Riches Slots. Best of all: You do not even require to enter a Rainbow Riches promo code to enjoy all the fun.


Tip 3: Use only one Rainbow Riches Bonus Feature

This Rainbow Riches cheat is primarily directed to the Rainbow Riches Pick N Mix slot. In this slot, you can pick up to three features. You can either play with all three of them or you can choose to use only one. While it sounds like you have more options if you choose the maximum amount of bonus feature, you actually increase your odds if you only choose one. This is due to the fact that you will be more likely to land a winning feature for one particular bonus rather than for all three.

If you are unsure which one to choose, we recommend you select the Pots of Gold feature since it is the one that offers you the highest payout. By choosing the smallest skate available until you hit the Pots of Gold feature, is the best strategy. Though you might need some patience for it to appear, when it does, it’s one of the most rewarding options.

You should bet the smallest denominations as possible until you eventually hit the Pots of Gold. Even if it might sometimes takes a while to trigger the feature.

Rainbow Riches 4 rainbow

Tip 4: Rainbow Riches Golden Charms

The Wishing Well is a common feature in several variations of Rainbow Riches slots. But it will only pay out the maximum value if you trigger it in the Golden Charms variation.

So, it is beneficial to remember that the $50 Wishing Well maximum win can only be obtained on the Rainbow Riches Golden Charms variation.


Tip 5: Lucky Clover Bonus

In the original version of the Rainbow Riches Pots of Gold slot, you have access to a mega spins option that allows you to bet $20 per spin. For this stake you will automatically receive five extra spins. If you manage to land a combination that rewards you with $5 or more, the game will grand you the Lucky Clover bonus.

This means you will receive 4x times your bet along with the gift of more bonus rounds. Those include the Leprechaun’s bonus as well as the Super Leprechauns bonus and the Grand Pots of Gold bonus.

Rainbow Riches 5 pots


Tip 6: The Leprechaun Bonus Feature

Another nifty bit of knowledge that can be called a cheat and that will give you a head-start in comparison to inexperienced placers is the Leprechaun Bonus feature. This feature is available on a variety of different slots in the series. The leprechaun bonus gets activated when you land a minimum of three leprechauns on the reels. If this happens you can benefit from a grandiose up to $500. Though the Leprechaun Bonus is supposed to drop randomly at any time within the game, some voices say it is more likely to happen if you choose a higher stake.

Rainbow riches 6 win


Rainbow Riches Casino Promo Codes

There are several ways to increase your chance to win big in this slot game. This includes Rainbow Riches Casino Promo Codes.

Though our tips are not officially Rainbow Riches cheats, they will still enhance your potential to receive the biggest gains while playing this popular game.

You might want to try out our Rainbow Riches Cheats and tips to enhance your odds. But there is even an additional way to increase your winning potential.

Rainbow Riches Casino Promo Codes will allow you to double your balance. Many of the top online casinos offer special promotions that include the popular slot. Oftentimes it will be additional bonus funds that can be used to play. Otherwise the casino might actually credit your account with free spins. You can just use the bonus or the spins from the Rainbow Riches promo code to hit this slot. Oftentimes you can also play an array of other entertaining slots and online games with your extra funds.

One of the online casinos that offer you an exclusive offer, without the need to enter a Rainbow Riches promo code is also one of the gaming providers with an overall top-rating, Skol Casino. And it is not just us, who have given this gaming powerhouse a top rating. With an outstanding reputation, a ‘round the close customer service and games galore, Skol Casino has plenty to offer. If you are looking for some extra cash to play and you are on the hunt for a Rainbow Riches Casino promo code, then Skol Casino lets you grab up to €/$1300 extra, when you sign up and load your account.

You will also automatically receive $250, but we must inform you that those are not included in the Rainbow Riches Promo Code offer we mention above.


Reels of Gold Demo

But even if you are not looking for a Rainbow Riches Casino bonus code just yet you can enjoy all the entertainment this game series has to offer. Many of the best online casinos offer you the option to test the games. This means you can play without having to place actual real money bets. One of the games you can enjoy is the Reels of Gold Demo. It will allow you to get a hang of the symbols and overall workings of the game, without the risk of losing your hard earned cash in the process.

Another place to try out Rainbow Riches Reels of Gold Demo is highly respectable Fun Casino. Here you can give this game a spin without ever having to go through the trouble of registering an account.

If you are not only looking to play the Reels of Gold Demo, but you will also be thrilled to find an abundance of entertaining slots, table games and a large live casino section here.

At Fun Casino your registration and deposit will give you access 100% up to €/$123 + 10% Cashback without the requirement to enter a Rainbow Riches Casino Promo Code. It is a gaming platform with a highly enjoyable site design that is easily navigated even if you are completely new to online gambling.

If you are looking for more casino inspiration and juicy casino bonuses, don’t miss out to check out our complete list of the Best Bonus Casinos and our Top-Rated Casinos.

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