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Casino Races

Casino Races: We explain you all about them & share our tips on how to boost your odds to win.

Apart from standard sets of casino games like slots with their fixed jackpots, tournaments, and holiday draws, online casinos can also offer something called casino races.

But what exactly are casino races? How do these special competitions work? What is the earning potential?

To find answers to all your pressing questions, we have compiled this easy guide for you.

In this article, you find out everything you ever wanted to know about casino races, how slots leaderboards work and how you can win money without paying for games.

What are Casino Races?

Playing games at an online casino can be both entertaining but also profitable. And while online gambling is fun, most players are also looking to maximize their chances of winning.

If this is what you are looking for then there are several options that let you have fun while tapping into that extra potential of cashback.

Jackpot games are one possibility. Many reputable casino brands even have several jackpot games available, from Must Drop Jackpots to progressive ones.

Yet there is another interesting way and its by participating in casino races. If you have never heard about them before, don’t worry, we’ll explain you all about it.

The Basics of Casino Races

In gambling, casino races are an additional opportunity to win cash and play games. They are a special form of competition where players compete against each other in playing certain games.

Basically, they work just like gambling tournaments but there is one key difference – you will have to play a set of games instead of one.

So, if you are a punter that enjoys a bit of competition, this might be just of your liking!

Most casino races offered by online casinos are completely free to enter, making it even more enticing to give it a try.

How Do Casino Races Work?

The vast majority of online casinos offer active members the option to participate in casino races. Those Online Casinos themselves outline specific sets of games or game features a player must have to complete successfully to win money.

Normally, bettors will then play casino races across a range of slots. Which games are included, depends entirely on the specific site.  And apart from standard casino races, there are also races available for live-casino games.

Where to Start: Find the right online casino for you

If you have not signed up to an online casino yet and you are completely new to gambling, you should not just choose a site for its casino races. Before you dive into the fun and thrill of these kinds of tournaments it is paramount that you find a trustworthy and reputable provider.

Therefore we recommend anyone who is completely new to the hustle and bustle of online gambling to find out what makes a good online casino, and how to choose the casino that is right for you.

Once you have collected a bit more information on the kind of casino that you are looking for – you can limit your selection to the site that offers the best and most exciting casino races.

Register at a Reputable and Trustworthy Site

In order to participate in the race, or play games for real money in general, you will need to open an account. Once you have chosen a casino that fits your preferences the registration process usually only takes minutes.

Easy instructions that are similar at any site will guide you through and once done usually members are greeted with a welcome email explaining a few more things about the gambling site they have chosen. Either a username or your email-address and a password will now give you access to your personal gaming account at the chosen casino.

Do make sure your details are entered correctly and that you always use only your own personal information.

You will require funds to Play

As mentioned, participating in the races is free of charge, but you do need to load your gaming account with funds to actually place bets and compete.

So, your next step would be to add funds from your personal to your gambling account. This can be done in the casino’s banking section, or you will find a tab for deposits and withdrawals on the site.

Here, you will have to choose a banking method to deposit money. The most straight-forward options are card deposits using your Mastercard, Visa or Maestro. There is hardly any gaming site that doesn’t offer you this option to fund your account.

Other methods that are highly secure and instant are e-wallets. Skrill, Paypal, or Neteller act as digital purses. They are absolutely safe and make budgeting easy. ‘You can use them if you are not comfortable entering your banking details into the casinos’ deposit page.

Usually, an online gaming provider offers a few more banking options but let’s focus on the casino races.

How do I participate and how long are the Races?

After you signed in and loaded your account you can look for races to take part in. Let’s take slots as an example. To have a chance to win, you have to choose a set of slots (they are usually given by a casino). Now you have to play as much as you can!

The duration of casino races can vary from one or two hours to a even few weeks. Usually, the average duration of a race is 7 days.

Once the set time is over and you have finished in the top-10, you will be rewarded depending on your final position and prize pool given. Rewards can vary but usually include cash bonuses, bonus points, or free spins. To see your current position in the ranking, you can click on the “Races” button at the casino site you are playing at to bring up the leaderboard.

What is the difference between a tournament and a casino race?

While tournaments are quite similar to casino races there are still a few differences. They are defined as casino, slot or reel races simply because they cannot exactly be defined as tournaments.

The easiest way to define or rather distinguish a race will be to say that it’s short bursts of action that take place on slots of your choice or a variety of pre-selected slots. The key to the race is to get the highest points possible in a short time span which usually translates to gaining the most or highest wins. It’s thrilling, fun, and it’s also very rewarding because there is a greater reward at the end. But also, because you actively play against a whole lot of other players.

Another factor that sets casino races apart from tournaments is that due to their short timespan there can be a variety of races in a day. Tournaments on the other hand take place over a longer time period, and the cool-off period between tournaments varies.

What to choose: a casino tournament or a casino race?

It is nearly impossible to weigh tournaments against casino races. Each event comes with some very special thrills and entertainment that pleases different types of casino punters.

Both of them offer bettors a chance to get their competitiveness out and play against other participants for the top rewards of the leaderboards including bonuses, cash prizes and free spins. Tournaments have been around for a long time, but casino races have only recently started gaining traction, thanks to the constant improvement in slot games.

With tournaments, you can choose from different a one and each lasts between a few rounds or a few days. Nothing beats getting your heart racing with an intense winner-takes-all Survivor Tournament. Yet, players who are looking for some quick fun, the with the potential of big winnings, casino Races are a great option, too.

What is a Slots Leaderboard and how does it work?

Slots leaderboard aren’t difficult to understand, and you can easily pick up the basics of these competitions by reading through the following information.

But bear in mind that each online casino sets up its own rules in terms of casino slot race and leaderboards. That’s why you should read the terms and conditions of the specific race before entering to make sure you understand how to play and have a chance to win.

Each casino race features a leaderboard with a prize pool. This prize pool will give players a chance to reach varying degrees of payouts from top to bottom.

Here’s an example of a standard payout structure:


1st place – $500

2nd place – $300

3rd place – $200

4th place – $150

5th place – $100

6th-10th places – $50

Total prize pool = $1,500

Much like any competition, the players reaching the top receive the bulk of the prize funds. However, most casino races are still attractive even if you aim to hit one of the spots on the lower end of the scale.

How to score points

Aside from earning big prize money, the aim of any leaderboard race is to rack up points. The methods for how you earn points will vary from one casino or rather competition to the next.

For Example:

A slot casino race may award points simply based on loyalty points earned. The participant who collects the most loyalty points will win the top reward.

But the mechanisms of how to earn your way up the slot leaderboards positions may vary and it is important you understand what is required before you enter the competition.

Even if you have previously entered a similar casino race, you should always read the rules behind any competition.

What is the best strategy to win at Casino Races?

Playing a high volume is the biggest key to climbing those slots leaderboards. However, there are more options to increase your chances of earning prizes. Here are some tips that will boost your odds:

Make sure the race is worth your while

Not every slots leaderboard is as desirable as the next. Some competitions feature rather underwhelming prize pools that shouldn’t be worth your efforts. You always want to check out the slot leaderboards and prize pool beforehand and consider if a that particular race is worth your time.

Know the Rules

Each casino race can have a different set of rules. You should thoroughly read and understand them so that you have the best possible chance of winning money.

You don’t want to enter a contest thinking that you’ll earn points through betting volume just to realize points are instead based on winnings.


Stick to Your Budget

Competing to make it to the top of a slots leaderboard can be expensive. Therefore, you should consider your bankroll before entering the race.

For example, you might not have a realistic chance at making any money with a $40 bankroll in a race that will take 7 days.


What sites offer Casino Races?

A lot of our Top-Rated casinos offer reel or rather slot races. Two of the best casinos you could choose from are Rizk Casino and Casumo.

Rizk Casino

Rizk Races run 4 times a day, 7 days a week. Members to the casino can join for free. There are a number of juicy, wager-free prizes to compete for.

Apart from reel races, new players at Rizk Casino can benefit from a 100% Welcome Bonus + 50 free spins when they open an account.

There is also a fun spin on the Wheel of Fortune with the casinos very own “Wheel of Rizk” an engaging rewards scheme with a game-shop twist.


The Reel Races from Casumo are action packed competitions running several times a day, all year round. Every win you make in the slot selected by the casino for that race will award you points with which bring you closer and further up in the leaderboard.

There are even ways to trigger different types of points boosters that will give you a boost up the leaderboard.

Besides exciting reel races new members to Casumo can enjoy a 100% Welcome Bonus worth up to £25, plus 20 Bonus Spins on the fantabulous Sahara Riches Cash Collect slot.

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