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The online casino world is full of excitement and the gaming industry is everchanging. Almost daily thrilling new games are being released and amazing technologies are developing. But there are also important updates, terms, and conditions to be considered. Not one casino is like the other; while some might look more enticing than others, one cannot always judge by the cover. But how do you know which casino has the best offers without an online casino guide? How can you tell, which site has the biggest and best variety of games? And how can you be sure your money transfers are secure? Who can tell you if the casino treats its customers fairly? And how do you stay up-to-date?

Questions over questions! Finding the answers, you are looking for in each and every casino site out there would be a herculean task.

Yet choosing a casino without knowing what you are in for can lead to all sorts of pitfalls. Your funds and personal information may not be safely stored. The games you were so eager to try are lacking and slow. And what if the customer service is incompetent or doesn’t your language? Worse yet: What if the customer service simply is not available when you need it most?

These are just some of the reasons why you would need a casino guide that can answer all your questions. But just like there is not just one casino, there is not only one casino guide.

So, why would you have to look no further?


We haven’t just done the groundwork

Our online casino guide looked at all the details!

It’s easy to collect and state the obvious characteristics and benefits of a range of casinos. Other casino guides might tell you which casino has special offers, or you can find out where to play the latest games. But our casino guide is different. Why? Because we don’t just shine a light at some of the sites’ benefits. Our team of casino experts analyses each casino provider thoroughly before it is even mentioned on our site. With many years of experience in the industry, our diligent casino analysts know that a good casino needs more than exciting bonus offers and a range of good games. Therefore, our online casino guide will give you a comprehensive view of all the angles that need consideration when you want to wholesomely enjoy your casino experience – without bad surprises and hiccups!

We lift the veil of those big bonus promises

Especially the small print of bonus offers is where new but also experience players can get misled. Some casinos offer fantastic welcome bonuses, yet the conditions tied to them can be very restrictive. And why would you want to choose a casino with a generous bonus, if the wagering terms are so high? Then playing through them feels more like a laborious task than fun and entertainment. While it is mandatory for casinos to state all their bonus conditions, some sites are more transparent than others. Therefore, a somewhat smaller bonus amount with fewer conditions might actually be more beneficial than a bombastic bonus, which ties you up. This can happen especially if you enjoy table games such as roulette, baccarat, or blackjack. You may find out, that these games do not or only partially count towards those bonus conditions.

We understand that reading and understanding the often long and intricately written small print is not the definition of fun. After all, who enjoys reading lengthy T&Cs? Yet, we have taken on the task to comb through the jungle of offers and separating the wheat from the chaff for you.

Our online casino guide stands out from the crowd because we don’t stand still

Other online casino guides collect information and present it to you on their site. And while it is likely you find the latest promotional offers; other specific information may not be as up-to-date. But we are different because our casino guide is constantly being updated and extended to give you the most accurate and current information about each casino we listed on our site. And while other casino guides focus only on the bonus offers of each casino or give you a comparison, we do all that and keep an eye on any developments of a specific site and the industry as a whole. With us, you will never be the last to know about some new perks and events, because:

Your casino news feed is just one click away

Have you checked out our news section, yet? Beyond live information for a massive library of different casinos, we also feature an extensive news channel just for you.

Because we live and breathe casino, we know the importance of upcoming trends, developments, and insights. Not just about a specific casino, but the whole casino world. So, if you are on the hunt for the latest virtual online casino or want to know which gaming provider lets you best invest your cryptocurrency – don’t lose time and effort, and just check out the latest additions to our news blog.

Even if you are looking for less specific information and updates, you will find what you are looking for at first glance. We feature a plethora of articles and new subjects, and interesting reads are being added on a regular basis.


We answer all your casino questions

You have only just arrived to the whole casino world? Don’t worry! Our posts include simple first-hand information that answers questions such as: What makes a good online casino?

You might be wondering which casinos offer the most value for your money. Maybe you ask yourself where you find the best chances for the biggest wins or top customer service.

We considered all those important aspects such as fairness and trustworthiness, as well as the quality and number of bonuses and games. We also looked at the availability of popular payment methods. And we checked how fast you will receive your funds after you requested a payout.

Further, we trailed and tested the competence of customer service. Yet, those are just some of the grounds by which we created our list of top-rated casinos.

You’ve seen your mates play that hot new game and now you want to give it a try too? Yet, how do you know which is the best casino that features your new favorite game? With our comprehensive online guide, you will know exactly where to find the best new slot games that quench your thirst for the latest casino thrills!


Do you want to know where you can win those big bucks?

Have you been playing for fun so far and want to dare the step to play for some serious real money gains? It might be easier said than done. After all, how do you know which casino has the best options to win big? Some casinos might have a great variety of exciting games but the chances to bag some serious real money wins are few. If you are looking for a casino where it is possible to maximize your chances for even bigger cash prizes you might want to check out the sites that offer a variety of jackpot games.

We wouldn’t be the one and only casino guide you will ever need if we didn’t check out a large range of jackpot casinos that give you exactly what you are looking for!

Some casinos offer exciting jackpot slots, for instance. These come in a variety of forms. The prizes can range from moderate to monumental in value. Yet fundamentally jackpot slots mean that you have the chance to win bigger cash prizes on every spin than on regular reels.

If that sounds like something you want in your casino of choice you should not miss out on the option to play progressive jackpots.

The mechanism for progressive jackpots is often used in conjunction with jackpot slots. Progressive jackpots work on the basis that every spin on a game will contribute a small amount to an increasing jackpot payout amount. This kind of jackpot offers you chances for the biggest casino gains.


We offer not just one perspective

If you have visited other casino guides before, you may have noticed, there is a lot of attention on some big casino names. You will surely be told about all they have to offer. Most other online casino guides tell you about the promotions, the games, and so on. You can find out which casino offers a specific game or what software providers are found on a certain site.

However, all the other sites miss focusing on what is really important: You!

We too, look at all those casino perks, the pros & cons, and you can find comprehensive reviews about all the casinos listed on our site.  But our most important perspective is not that of a casino player but you as an individual. That is why we look at online casinos differently and we know there is not just one shoe that fits all.

We know, that when you choose a casino, it might not just be for a certain game or bonus offer, but it might be a certain feel or the look of the site that draws you in. You might choose a site for its friendly and straightforward approach. Or you are looking for a place you feel most at home.

That is why our detailed casino guide doesn’t find you the best casino. It finds the casino that is best for you. To make your search easy, you can browse our site by some main categories:

These include our Top Rated Casinos, chosen based on important cornerstones such as fairness, trustworthiness, and game and bonus variety.

You can scroll through our vast list of our best-rated High Roller Casinos that offer big players the most tailored VIP schemes, as well as some special benefits. These can include faster payouts or greater rewards. If you consider yourself a high roller, you will find the casinos that offer you personalized round-the-clock support, invitations to exclusive events, and astronomical bonus offers.

Maybe you are looking for the most realistic gaming experience. Then you can find a selection of the Best Live Casinos to date without further ado. You will find the casinos that have the largest variety, of lag-free, visually pleasing games all in one place.

Not specific enough? No Problem!

You are not looking for just the best-rated casinos but the casino that has the most varied and utmost exciting roulette games? We got you covered because you can easily browse through numerous casinos that offer you just that.

If you just love the thrill of watching the ball hurl around the roulette table, then you want a casino that has more than just one or two tables to choose from. Therefore, our casino guide has a collective of casinos that offer you entertaining Roulette-Lover Must-Haves such as Lightning Roulette. The casinos listed in this category will you let you play this table game across your devices. So, there is no limit to enjoying the fun.

In this section, you will find different casinos that hold many versions of this popular table game such as European Roulette, American Roulette, Multi Wheel Roulette, or live roulette versions to choose from.

Hitting home

Yes, there are numerous casinos with great games. You will find plenty of sites with amazing rewards. Our online casino guide lets you browse them all and we have included loads of interesting reviews. But we have thought about even more aspects for you to easily find the casino that suits you best.

Therefore, our online Casino Tour Guide has unearthed the casinos that make you feel the most at home. For example, we picked the best Irish Casinos where you can chase that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. And we have certainly not forgotten about taking a jump down under to create a selection of the top Australian Casinos.

That is why here at Casino Tour Guide if your heart beats casino like ours, you will never skip a beat!

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