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Want to find for the absolute best casino in Ireland?

There are probably hundreds of great casinos out there and with our detailed casino guide you will have it easy to find the best Irish Casino for you.

Are you tired of browsing through casino site after casino site, just to find that the offers are not suited for you? Are you already using a casino but the payment methods are not tailored to your region? Or even worse the casino is not available in your country? Finding a fitting casino can be tricky especially if you are new to the online gaming trend. That is why we have created our casino guide. While we specialize in shining a light on all the features of the plethora of online casino game providers out there, we have not forgotten to specifically check out the brands made for punters betting from Ireland.

Choosing the best Irish casino starts with the basics

We are all different, and we all have our likes and dislikes. One casino may be perfect for you but not your neighbor. This is why we don’t tell you which Irish casino is the best but we throughoutly look into all of the game providers’ aspects, so you can choose the casino that is best for you!

First and foremost, we look into the trustworthiness of any casino out there. We find out for you if the casino you are interested in has been licensed. Meaning, they have official authorization to operate in the country they are registered in. A regulatory body checks that the site complies with certain standards and that it offers its members’ fair play. Whichever casino you ultimately choose for your entertainment, you should always go with a gaming provider that has been regulated. Only a regulated provider will assure your funds are in a safe place. You can also be sure, that the bets you place are 100% legal.

While all of this does not sound much like the fun you are initially looking for, choosing a trustworthy casino is still the very first step for any player in Ireland or anywhere for that sake.

Is the site actually available in Ireland?

Apart from the safety of a good casino, you might think the game variety and choice of promotions are one of the most important aspects. And they certainly are. However, before diving into the fun we highly recommend you check that the casino of your choice offers its services in your region.

And whilst a huge portion of gaming sites do offer bettors for the UK, and Ireland to enjoy all they have to offer, there are also a number of sites, that do not support these countries.

Why would you choose a specifically Irish online casino?

If you are Irish or live in Ireland, we don’t have to tell you all the great traditions, quirks and holidays of your home or residence. Just St. Patrick’s Day alone is an absolutely mind-blowing event. For sure  hardly any Irish man or woman would want to miss. It’s not just about the parades, the music, and a whole lot of green. It is a celebration like no other and you enjoy it with people who share this passion with you. Now, a specifically Irish casino will understand you and all the things that you love about Ireland. It will, just like you and your mates, lead the excitement up to the event. There will be special offers, probably a whole lot of thrilling news and reveals, exclusive events and such.

Now, imagine you open an account with a random casino that might cater to a different audience. While you and your mates are in the midst of enjoying the special atmosphere, your casino of choice might just not even give you a special deal. There might be no celebratory message or gift to cherish the day. No change of atmosphere on the site. You may not a free spins for some holiday-inspired slots, not even a scratch card might appear when you open the site.

Therefore, it is important you chose a casino that will understand your customs. A site that caters exactly to special events and holidays, and makes you feel right that you are in the right place.

Another important aspect to consider

Sure, you want to spend your time at a site that is suited to your interests and likes. This doesn’t just include specific holidays or celebrations but also the kind of games offered on the site. There is an aspect that, at first glance might be overlooked. But you should not disregard it when you choose an online casino. A brilliant casino may offer you a bombastic welcome offer. It might have tons of promotions available, send you free bonuses and spins on a special day. The site may overwhelm you with a sheer endless variety of games. Yet, if one very important feature does not meet your expectations, everything else might fall into the background. And it may very much put a break on the fun.

What we are talking about are online payment methods. Of course, most of us focus on the fun details of a casino first. But we cannot stress enough how important this is. So, before opening an account we recommend you take a loot at the available deposit and even more importantly the casino’s withdrawal methods.

Using you bank card directly to fund your casino account is usually an option. And you can also withdraw funds in this fashion. If you are planning to use Mastercard, however, we recommend you check that this option is also available for withdrawals. Often you can only use Mastercard to transfer money to your gaming account but not to send it back to your private account. Even some of the best online casinos may then “force” you to use a bank transfer as the only option to cash out. And while this withdrawal method is very secure, it is also by far the slowest you could choose. Funds may take more than a working week to appear back in your private account and, even worse, this option usually has some charges attached to it. Either the casino itself imposes a charge or your bank will.

This is one of the reasons we recommend you check out the payment methods before making your ultimate choice.

Your best choice: Fast, convenient & free of charge

Still today the most popular way to deposit is via bank card. But this does not mean it is the most convenient or fastest method. Many online casinos offer their members the option to use e-wallets to transfer funds back and forth. Popular options in the huge bunch of trustworthy providers are names such as Neteller, Skrill, EcoPayz or you might even use your PayPal account to fund your casino entertainment. E-wallets are usually the cheapest and fastest options and they come with one big advantage.

If you use an e-wallet such as Neteller or Skill, you do not have to enter your private banking information into the casino’s payment form. It is therefore an overall more secure option to move your funds back and forth. Furthermore, it is easier for you to track how much you have spent and withdrawn from your casino.

Another popular and very secure option to use is PaySafe. PaySafeCard vouchers can be bought online via Dundle or directly via PaySafeCard. Making a deposit using this voucher is instant and much like using an e-wallet. You will not have to enter any personal banking information into an online form.

Let the fun begin!

You have found out, that your potential casino of choice caters to the likes of players from Ireland. You candidate holds a reputable license and is therefore regulated and trustworthy. The site offers a good selection of convenient payment methods that are fast and free of charge. This means you have found a casino that offers a solid base of features that are important if you are looking to find the best Irish casino suitable for you.

It is finally time to pounce on all the fun, the site has to offer! Now you might want to check out the promotions and bonus offers. But we advise you not to forget to take an in-depth look at the games. A good variety of titles, a solid number of games, and software providers will guarantee you find entertainment for a long time. The amount and variety of games can be hugely different between one and another casino. Some casinos might just have a few software providers under their wing, others may have a sheer never-ending list and many superb games in their repertoire.

Know what kind of entertainment you will find

Our casino guide shows you the number of games and providers for the casino you are interested in. Some casinos may focus on offering a variety of entertaining slots rather than having a vast number of live or table games. And in the same way software providers often also specialize in specific types and kinds of games. If you enjoy a particular game, we recommend you find out what game developer stands behind the name. Like this you might actually find more games that are exactly of your liking.

Therefore, even casinos with a potentially smaller selection of games overall might be more interesting to a specific player. That is of course if the site offers titles from their favourite providers.

Evolution gaming as an example supplies a huge chunk of many casinos’ live entertainment such as live dealer table games and even game shows. The games are renowned to be of the utmost quality and highly entertaining. Other first-class names include Netent, Play ‘N Go, Pragmatic Play, and Playtech.

Our up-to-date casino reviews inform you exactly which game developers you can find in any casino. We have done all the detective work for you and entered not just the casinos’ pros and cons. You will also find a lot of interesting details about each provider such as the payment methods. Other features we considered are how long the casino has been operating and what our general consensus of the site is, compared to other casinos that are available in Ireland.

Speaking about comparisons

Of course, our comprehensive casino guide will look and compare the amount and variety of games of each casino. We also put a lot of attention to detail when it comes to probing the casino’s promotions and offers. Sites tend to throw out big promises and grand numbers in relation to their bonuses. Yet a bigger bonus does not always mean a better deal for you. Oftentimes larger bonuses also come with more restrictions, longer T&Cs and more wagering attached. Therefore, we compare each Irish casino to give you an educated insight into the different promotional offers.

Looking for the most lucrative and beneficial bonus?

The best Irish casino obviously has a superb welcome offer for new members besides ticking all of the above-mentioned boxes. But before you go for the one that offers the largest bonus, we call for your caution. Don’t just press that button to agree to a bonus. Always check the bonus conditions attached to the offer first!

Usually, if you agree to receive a bonus, this means you agree to a number of rules. However if you do not carefully check the conditions you might choose a deposit method that is excluded from the offer. You could accidentally play a game game that does not count to the wagering. And simply not knowing the offer’s expiry date, may result in losing the bonus. We, therefore, want to spare you from such an experience. Yet bonus conditions can be lengthily and often written in gaming jargon tricky to understand, especially for a casino newbie.

Hence, we have taken the time to go through all of those pesky terms for you. And we rated the casinos by their most lucrative and most fair offers and many more aspects.

Don’t hesitate to check our casino guide and find the best Irish casino for you.


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